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Financial planning for a future without compromising your values.

Our financial advisors in Grand Rapids, Michigan will help you transition into a new season of life with the guidance and stability you need to make intelligent decisions for both you and your family.

At FCM Financial, we believe that while change is inevitable, financial suffering is preventable.

We help simplify the complex challenges that accompany life’s many transitions through our:

In-depth training

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, we go beyond textbook recommendations to create tailored solutions that accommodate your history, needs and goals so your financial health is protected from the unexpected.

First-hand experience

We have personally worked through many significant life challenges ourselves, enabling us to deliver proactive advice that stems from both our own experience, as well as industry standards. We then combine this insight to design a strategy with your best interests at the forefront.

Family-focused approach

Every family has a unique history, story and situation. That’s why we like to get to know each family — to help make sure your family’s wishes are secured, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.



Helping You Build the Future You Deserve

Successful retirement planning involves several aspects of financial planning: investments, insurance and taxes. By combining all of these services under one roof, we’re able to turn a lofty vision into a clear, concise roadmap for your post-employment needs and dreams.

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Job Change
Transforming Chaos into a Clear Vision

There’s no doubt about it: switching jobs is a stressful event for anyone — whether you’re right out of college or have been in the workforce for years. At FCM Financial, we’ve helped professionals from various industries navigate this significant life transition with ease, confidence and clarity.

Specializing in transitions, we understand the implications tied to every major life event, enabling us to evaluate all sides of the situation to help make sure nothing falls through the cracks. While you focus on making a good first impression, we’ll handle the details of your financial picture so your new role does not adversely affect your financial health, or your progress towards reaching your goals.

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Guiding You Through the Grief

The death of a loved one can lead to many unwanted consequences, especially in regards to finances.

Through it all, we are your dedicated partner and advisor — committed to protecting you from further distress and disarray so you can focus less on stress, and more on celebrating your family member’s legacy.

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Navigating Your Next Chapter, Together

We help both men and women work through the many complexities of the divorce process. Collaborating with your chosen industry professionals in the legal and tax fields, we’ll create a cohesive financial plan that keeps your best interests in mind so you can look forward to your new beginning.

Through it all, we are your dedicated support system, providing objective advice and guidance as you make important decisions regarding your future, and your family.

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