Market Commentary: Markets React to Inflation

Even in Healthy Markets, Stocks Go Up and Down After more than a 30% total return on the S&P 500 over the last 12 calendar months, a five-month win streak, and a 27% rally in the first 100 trading days off the late-October lows, the market may finally be having a well-deserved break. We …

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16 Charts (and Tables) to Know This Election Year

“Americans will always do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” -Winston Churchill With Super Tuesday now in the books, the fact that we have a presidential election coming this November is getting very real. Although we aren’t going to predict who will be our next preside …

Facts Vs Feelings Take 5 – Two Keys to the Economy

We’re still seeing positive signs related to inflation and productivity. Can investors remain optimistic on these two fronts? Hear what Carson Group’s Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick and VP, Global Macro Strategist Sonu Varghese have to say. Highlights include:   Inflation has been hol …

4 Moves You Can Make with Your Old 401(k)

By Matt Kory, Vice President, Retirement Programs   Changing careers is an emotional move – there’s excitement for the new opportunity, sadness about leaving your favorite coworkers behind, depression if you weren’t ready to leave, worry about how to financially bridge the unemployment …

Facts Vs Feelings Take 5 – Why This Isn’t a Bubble

Stocks are hitting all-time highs. Everything seems a little too good … are we in a bubble? Carson Group’s Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick and VP, Global Macro Strategist Sonu Varghese weigh in. Highlights include:   Valuations are high due to increased profitability  The economy is st …

Your Retirement Planning Starter Pack

Although there are some basic guidelines, your financial life is as unique as your fingerprint. Your lifestyle, goals, family situation, risk tolerance and even your wildest dreams will give a unique signature to your portfolio. Let’s look at a few of the starting points today for a healthy …

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